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Orizzonte Italia - Antonio Rovaldi

Orizzonte Italia - Antonio Rovaldi

Publisher: Humboldt books 
co-editions  MAN, Nuoro
Design: Alessandro Costariol e Antonio Rovaldi
Testi: Antonio Rovaldi, Luca Bertolo, Francesco Zanot, Leonardo Passarelli, Lorenzo Giusti, Pier Luigi Tazzi
324 pp. | 16,8 x 24 cm
Hardcover | Italiano, inglese
€ 30.00 | Marzo 2015
ISBN 978-88-908418-3-5

I spent more than two months alone on a bicycle, travelling along the perimeter of the Italian peninsula, and then two weeks cycling around Sardinia. I put together hundreds of images of horizons which, day after day, came to form a chromatic stave of seas and skies. Finally, from the confines of my studio, image after image, I pieced back together a fair part of the Italian skyline. (A.R.)

Three years passed between the first journey around the peninsula, over the summer of 2011, and the second journey around Sardinia, in the summer of 2014. This book brings together the photographs that currently make up the work Orizzonte in Italia, starting out from the visual, graphical and theoretical notes that accompanied the artist.

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