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Magari - Alfredo Clavarino

Magari - Alfredo Clavarino

Magari is an Italian word that can be given at least five different meanings. It might be used to say I wish, but when speaking in the present or past, it usually means possibly, maybe. As a conjunction it can mean even, although it may also be interpreted as if only. The title of Alfredo Clavarino’s first photobook is by no means improvised: printed in small light blue letters on its cover, there lies the key to the images within. Whether through the stillness of the moment, the muted description of the setting, or the mood expressed by his masterful use of light, each of Alfredo Clavarino`s seemingly everyday photographs takes us somewhere beyond itself, to all those places in the mind that we have wished for, possibly been to and maybe never even thought of before.

ISBN 978-84-606-8675-0

Self-published, 2015
Editing: Alfredo & Federico Clavarino
Design: Tres Tipos Gráficos
Prepress: Víctor Garrido
Clothbound hardcover
96 pages
45 color plates
26 x 24.7 cm

35 EUR
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