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MAA - Federico Carpani

MAA - Federico Carpani

Pages: 220
Year: 2015
Publisher: Self published
Size: 21 x 29 cm 

MAA portrays the funeral rituals of Manikarnika, the cremation ground of Vanarasi, India, alongside moving images of everyday life in this utterly unique place.
A collaboration with Indra - one of the very few people allowed to photograph the events here - the book is a sampling of photographs carefully selected by photographer/artist Federico Carpani, from a roughly 10,000 photograph archive, created intently by Federico and Indra over the last few years.
The book’s pages fold, enabling a structure of two combined sequences, alternating the inside and outside of the folded pages. The outer is a flux of 108 both living and dead headshots, a tribute to the Goddess Kali, who wears a garland of 108 slain heads around her neck. The inside is a selection of everyday scenes and stories of life in Manikarnika. Together they serve to accurately depict this singular place.
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