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Big sky hunting - Alberto Sinigaglia

Big sky hunting - Alberto Sinigaglia

Publisher: Éditions du LIC, Skinnerboox
96 pages
Translucent tip-in pages
Hot foil embossed hardcover
French fold dust cover
ISBN 9788894031911
Design :: Teresa Piardi
Text:: Stefano Grazian

A modern myth of things seen in the sky is the subheading to the text entitled, Flying Saucers, by Carl Gustav Jung, in which he attempts a response to the question “Why is it more desirable that UFOs exist than that they do not?”
The answer is not to be found within the pages of Big Sky Hunting.
Rather, this work again poses the same question once more, without going in to the merits of a response. This work shows us terrestrial events that we can identify in many different ways;
it effectively creates a Documentary Show.
The possibilities are many, tending towards the endless.
50 EUR