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Aliqual - Massimo Mastrorillo

Aliqual - Massimo Mastrorillo

Publisher: kinnerboox
November 2015
128 Pages
Flexicover on Buckram
ISBN 9788894031935
Design :: 3/3
Text :: 3/3

" aliqualaliqualaliqualaliqualaliqualaliqualaliqualaliqualaliqualaliqual
there is a very simple game that consists of repeating a word again and again until
its meaning breaks down and becomes something mysterious that disorientates us and gives us the opportunity to imagine a world that has suddenly become something else.
aliqualaliqualaliqualaquilalaquilalaquilaliqualaliqualaliqualaquilalaquilalaquila: a city animated by a distant and alienated vision, a modern version of Gulliver’s moral travels."
35 EUR